About Tshwane Legends Exhibition

Tshwane Legends Mmutle Ribeiro exhibition was conceptualized in 2009 in partnership with the Pretoria Art Museum as a continuation show following the Neo Emergence 2010. Artists of the late Mike Mmutle and Johnny Ribeiro caliber have been consistently producing work that contributes to the wealth of art in Pretoria/Tshwane. Their contribution over the past decades has simultaneously helped to shape visual art in South Africa. Unfortunately with the change in art trends and the rise of postmodernist discourse in terms of the nature of the visual art object in contemporary art circles their contributions have been eclipsed and as a results it has suffered anonymity in the new generation of artists and art appreciators.

Although the artists have retained a somewhat legendary status through private sales to respectable collectors and patrons which has seen their work sold locally and over seas their importance to South African Art in general is yet to be acknowledged. It is through this exhibition that this last point can be engaged with. Through this exhibition we aim to celebrate their commitment and contributions to our art in South Africa. Throughout their careers the two friends have acted as mentors to one another, often dealing with similar subject matter through almost similar techniques, from painting to printmaking although each retaining individuality.